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Extremely disappointed in this contractor does not even begin to explain my frustration. From the start of this project he was "out of touch" (no supervision)...would send sub-contractors to complete work which was of very poor quality.

The construction of the deck itself is terrible. We provided the stain (Sherwin Williams) which was to be applied by his painter. The stain was applied in 2 immediate coats without waiting for the 1st coat to soak in....this left stains all over the deck and sap coming up through the stain. John Basco assured us that the stain was applied properly and that the "stain must have been from a bad batch". So, we contacted Sherwin Williams who sent out a professional to review the situation - the professional stated that the deck was not dry enough and it was applied to thick!

Then we move on to the screened in area under the deck....this was also assembled very quickly and poorly...screens do not fit properly because the porch area was not framed correctly.

We hired a different contractor to put up the "under deck system" and they informed us that the entire new deck pitches towards the house...another huge problem.

I have to say that this entire project has been a fiasco but the most difficult thing to deal with is a contractor who is NEVER at fault..does not take ownership for anything. After we made our final payment we indicated that several items needed be be addressed and fixed....his exact words were "once you obtain the additional stain, call me back and I will have the open items taken care of." Well, when we called him, he stated that his work was done, we paid him and full and he was not going to return.

I have tried to summarize what a difficult time we have had with this contractor. My hope is that someone will read this and give it serious thought before moving forward on any projects with this individual.

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